Taryn is a mama, yoga teacher and lifelong student of the practice. She holds over 500 hours of training from the yoga education program at Octopus Garden Holistic Yoga Centre. Here, she met her mentors, for whom she is ever-grateful: Pat Harada Linfoot, Scott Davis, Jeff Warren and Hali Schwartz. Taryn aims to provide students with a practice that’s both safe and challenging, peppered with the insights of yoga philosophy and a dash of humour. She is in her sixth year of advanced yoga philosophy studies with Hali Schwartz. In 2017, Taryn studied with Sheila Cullen to learn the fine art of Yoga Nidra and her teaching was forever changed. She teaches regular public classes at Mosaic Yoga and Union Yoga and Wellness, all in Toronto’s west end. She is a lead faculty member in the teacher training programs at Union Yoga and Wellness, and Lost n’ Found Yoga in St Catharines. Taryn holds the Yoga Alliance’s highest certifications, ERYT-500 and YACEP.

Nicky Poole, co-owner of Octopus Garden Holistic Yoga Centre

Taryn is a deeply empathetic and intuitive guide of yoga and we are so honoured to have her teaching classes, workshops and assisting in our teacher training program at Octopus Garden. Taryn has a special skill for delivering restful Yoga Nidra sessions, and she delivers these classes with grace and a rare capability to hold space for large groups of people. Personally, Taryn is a super warm, friendly human being that everyone loves to be around. As her name alludes, she is a rare gem (I know that is so cheesy, but TRUE!)

Ruby Knafo, owner and director of Union Yoga and Wellness

Taryn is a passionate and talented yoga teacher and educator.  She has a talent for communicating clearly, always with a hint of wit and humour. She creates classes that seamlessly weave together asana, pranayama, meditation, and yoga philosophy. Her students and peers benefit from her commitment to ongoing learning, and her accessible approach to teaching. Taryn exudes warmth and makes real lasting connections with students everywhere she goes. Taryn is professional, organized, detail oriented while never losing sight of the big picture. She is a delight to work with and a pleasure to learn from.

Scott Davis, Holistic Health

Taryn is a gem. Inspiring, insightful, relatable and kind. All the qualities of a great teacher.

Anne Cloutier, longtime colleague and friend

Taryn has the thunder : a long and deep yoga practice, knowledge born of it and elevated by great teachers of her own, and the ability to communicate to her students how to find their golden thread of internal peace and empathetic discipline. warm, funny, insightful, she knows how to make a city class come together in a loving sangha. discover her, and come back for more.

Pat Harada Linfoot, yoga and meditation teacher

Three words to describe Taryn's teaching? Intelligent. Inclusive. Inspirational.

Lisa Messina, of Messina Movement

Taryn is a pure delight! She always delivers with a genuine listening ear, a generous heart, an honest share, and an excitable energy. She adds increased positive and radiant light into my life.

David Good, instructor

You know when you see someone walk into a room and think, 'now that's someone I would love to know'? That's Taryn. She has a way of making the room fall in love with her. Taryn is a mother, a yoga teacher, a leader and innovator. She marches to the beat of her own drum.

Morgan Cowie, owner of Mosaic Yoga Toronto

Taryn is a highly skilled, warm and welcoming teacher who creates fun and safe spaces for students to deepen their understanding and integration of the practice of yoga

April Janzen, owner and creative director of Lost n’ Found Yoga

She's one of a kind. Taryn is a unique and special person. She has this way of taking yoga off the mat and making old school yoga philosophy and history interesting and relevant to everyday life. She's a gem. I feel very blessed to have her as one of my lead trainers for Lost n’ Found Yoga’s 200 hour teacher training program.

Hali Schwartz, renowned yoga philosopher and Sanskrit scholar

Taryn, first and foremost, is creative. She brings humour to her immense depth of understanding.  She is knowledgeable and dedicated, but knows how to laugh. Taryn is cool. Taryn is an inspiration.